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How to Measure for your Bridal Veil

Deciding on the right veil length and number of tiers for your bridal veil may seem impossible to you now, but I assure you that after reading this article, it will become a fun and easy project. There are eight (8) basic lengths to use as a guideline, the final measurements are up to you!.

  • Blusher length (between 20" and 30")
  • Shoulder length (usually around 20")
  • Elbow length (usually around 30")
  • Fingertip length (usually around 45")
  • Tea length (60")
  • Chapel length (90")
  • Cathedral length (120")
  • Monarch Cathedral length (anything over 120")

It is not hard to determine the length you would like your bridal veil to be with these easy to follow steps:

  1. First, you need to choose a headpiece style. (These vary greatly, so refer to our "How to Choose a Headpiece".

  2. Next, place your headpiece on your head, exactly where you will be wearing it. This could vary up to 12", depending on whether your veil will be attached at the top near your bangs, or down low in the back, under your updo.

  3. Now it's time to get your Mom or best friend to help (although, this can be done alone) and get out the measuring tape.

  4. Decide on how many tiers (layers) you want. You may choose as many as you like, sometimes up to five, although usually two layers, and a blusher fit most needs. (Check our size list for basic lengths).

  5. Now measure from where the first tier will be attached, to where you would like it to end, taking into consideration the design of the gown, your particular size, and your preferences and taste. That's all there is to it! Now repeat the process until you have all your tier sizes.

  6. Lastly, you may wish to measure for the blusher (this is the layer worn over your face, when you come down the aisle, and during the ceremony. Again, start your measurement from where the blusher will be attached to the headpiece, to where you would like it to end, usually right at the bustline, (although, again this is up to you). This is not necessarily always in the same place as the rest of the tiers. For instance, the blusher does not fall correctly over the face, when worn too low, or too far back. It is very popular now, to have a detachable blusher (velcro) attached on the front of the headpiece, then you may take it off later.

Now that you have decided on your veil sizes, you are ready to "Create Your Own Bridal Veil".