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Bridal Presentation for Jen H

Jen, welcome to your "Online Presentation". Jen, you are in the process of ordering your veil, and it is time to choose your lace. Our designers are happy to present you with these choices, to edge the puddle of your cathedral bridal veil. Please enjoy your presentation...

Shown are 7 Alencon lace choices. The two on the left are beaded, the other 5 are not.
Enlarge Picture

Shown is a 5" wide, scalloped alencon lace, heavily beaded with pearl and sequins. The color is diamond white.
Enlarge Picture

Shown is a heavily beaded 2" wide alencon lace. This lace is mostly beaded with a pearl cluster, but does have some sequins.
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Shown is a 3" wide alencon lace, not beaded.
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Shown is a 2" wide alencon lace, unbeaded
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Shown are 3 small alencon laces, unbeaded.
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