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Frequently Asked Questions about our Wedding Veils and Products

Question: What does your comb look like that comes with the veil?

Answer: The comb that comes with the veil is a basic plastic comb. Here is a picture

Question: Veil Lengths - Your veils say elbow, waist, fingertip length but not the actual inches. I know they can vary from place to place. I was just wondering how long they are in inches.

Answer: You are right - it can vary by how the veil is attached to the head, as well as the height of the individual, and even their dress.

Here are the lengths we go by:

1     Shoulder      24"
2     Elbow     29"
3     Waist     35"  
4     Fingertip     42"
5     Waltz     52"
6     Chapel     88"
7     Cathedral     106"

Be sure to check out our"Bridal Veil Measuring Tips" for some extra help.

Question: What are the standard lengths when I choose multiple tiers?

Answer: Tier lengths, just like veil lengths can vary and even be custom. When it comes to our custom veils we have standard lengths depending on the overall length you choose. Three tiers can only be done for veils up to 52" in length.

For Two Tiers:

Length    Tier 2
24"          22"
29"          24"
35"          29"
42"          29"
52"          29"
88"          29"
106"        35"

For Three Tiers:

Length    Tier 2     Tier 3
24"          22"        20"
29"          24"        20"
35"          29"        24"
42"          35"        29"
52"          42"        29"


Question: What is the difference between white and diamond white?

Answer: Diamond white is a shad between white and ivory. If you're dress isn't white, but ivory is too dark, diamond white is a perfect choice for you.


Question: What attachments do you use on your veils?

Answer: All of our veils come attached to combs for easy wear. If you would prefer a different option, don't hesitate to contact us.


Question: What material are your veils made out of?

Answer: We use bridal illusion tulle for all of our veils.


Question: When can I expect to receive my veil?

Answer: You can except to have your veil delivered about 8-13 business days from when you place your order. If you need it sooner, you can select rush shipping from the checkout page, which will ensure 4 day shipping.


Question: Are all sales final?

Answer: Yes. Since all veils are created especially for you we cannot accept returns. So be certain when making your selection.


Question: Can I customize one of the veils?

Answer: It may be possible to alter the length, color, and number of tiers on any of our veils. Contact us if you have any questions. Also try out our Custom Veil Creation Tool. It will allow you to make a unique veil that's perfect for you.


Question: How long does it take to receive a veil built with the custom veil creator?

Answer: Our custom veils take the same amount of time as any other veil on our site, so you don't need to budget extra time for this service.


Question: What size are your rhinestones?

Answer: We have two sizes of rhinestones, mini and regular. The mini rhinestones measure approximately 1/8 inch and the regular rhinestones measure approximately 1/4 inch.


Question: Do you ship internationally?

Answer:    Unfortunately at this time we are unable to ship outside of the United States.


Question: I want a blusher on my veil, what are my options?

Answer: The easiest solution is to order a 2-tier veil. The top tier can be pulled over your head, and is often used as a blusher. If this isn't what you want, give us a call. We can also do detachable and separate blushers.


Question: I don't see what I'm looking for, what can I do?

Answer: Give us a call. It's possible we can help you custom create just the right veil for you.


Question: My veil arrived and the edge looks to be glued wrong, what do I do?

Answer: Occasionally the heat during shipping can melt the glue just a little, enough to make it look like the edge has been glued wrong or been stuck to another part of the veil. We suggest hanging the veil in your bathroom to steam, or using a hair dryer to warm the fabric just a little (not too much). Then very, very gently try to pull it apart. Remember, the veil material is fragile so be very careful with heat (absolutely no clothes dryers!) and when pulling at the material. If this doesn't work for you, give us a call so we can get you an exact replacement.


Question: My ivory veil is too light, what can I do?

Answer: People often use tea to dye a veil darker. Unfortunately the results can be unpredictable, and this method cannot be used on lace edged veils, so we generally do not recommend it. Sometimes wedding shops in you area may be able to dye a veil a darker shade, so call around to check.

Unfortunately we are unable to accept returns on veils that arrive in the correct color.